jonathan mendelson
Hi! I'm a sophomore at UPenn studying computer science. Scroll down to see some of my projects
I learned a lot about comp sci...
learned C++, C#, Python, Java
web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
iOS programming (Objective-C, Swift, Ionic)
machine learning (evolutionary models, gradient descent from scratch, q-learning, Azure, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn)
computer vision (openCV)
functional programming (OCaml)
misc. (Photoshop, After Effects, Bash, MATLAB, LaTeX, Node, Processing, Git)
took courses at UPenn
CIS 120 - Programming Languages and Techniques I
CIS 160 - Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
CIS 121 - Data Structures and Algorithms
CIS 240 - Introduction to Computer Architecture
CIS 262 - Automata, Computability, and Complexity [currently enrolled]
CIS 320 - Introduction to Algorithms [currently enrolled]
CIS 519 - Applied Machine Learning [currently enrolled]
MATH 114 - Calculus II (Multivariable Calculus)
MATH 240 - Calculus III (Linear Algebra) [currently enrolled]
MATH 350 - Number Theory
PHYS 151 - Principles of Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation
STAT 430 - Probability
and love programming competitions...
competed in Round 3 of Google Code Jam 2019, Google's annual coding competition. I placed in the top 500 competitors out of more than 35,000
ranked Platinum in the USA Computing Olympiad, a multinational algorithmic programming competition. I compete using C++
And now I build stuff...
for businesses
Presto, which streamlines and modernizes the process of ordering at a restaurant. Presto was awarded up to $50,000 in funding for a maximum of a 5% stake, but I had to end the app when starting college. At Presto's peak, a customer could order from 20+ restaurants. Also built a menu scraper in JavaScript to save time when adding new restaurants to the app
Ionic, Cordova, Firebase, Stripe, HTML, CSS, TypeScript
interned at Survios, a large VR game developer based in Los Angeles. Built software for the business development team to generate a valuable data set of customer behavior (for marketing or operational purposes) by compiling and cross-referencing multiple unreliable and inconsistent data sources
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX
interned at InVision, a web prototyping company used by Amazon, Netflix, Lyft. Built an internal employee database and communication system to facilitate easier meeting scheduling
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API
project lead of mobile game studio within UPGRADE club @ UPenn. Responsible for team of 8 programmers & artists
Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
for research
conducting research on Datalog program synthesis using constraint solvers and a novel provenance-guided approach. This past summer, we built ProSynth, which synthesizes programs from sample input-output data much more quickly than previous leading algorithms. Most notably, ProSynth is able to synthesize programs with invented predicates (intermediate constructs for which there is no provided input-output data). Received a $5,000 grant from the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program to conduct research over the summer, and am continuing research on the same project as a Research Assistant in the PRECISE Center at UPenn during the year. We currently have a paper in submission to POPL 2020.
Python, Bash
working on a project in conjunction with the UMichigan AI Lab to measure strabismus via a mobile app, saving ophthalmologists' time from measuring strabismus by hand with a series of prisms. We have submitted an IRB and are waiting for approval to begin the study.
Objective-C, OpenCV
conducted and wrote all software for an independent research project at UCLA that provided biologists much needed cell tracking software. Written in C++, used computer vision (openCV) to find cells in blurry and low-contrast images, and used machine learning to determine if they are alive. Wrote a report, Automated Hyperdimensional Motile Cell Tracking: Efficient Analysis of High-Throughput Time-Lapse Microscopy Images. Our research was presented at SPIE in January 2018
C++, OpenCV, Azure; HTML, JavaScript
designed web tool that allows users to interact with the lab's proprietary edge detection algorithm, Phase Stretch Transform. The tool allows users to upload images, set parameters to interact with the algorithm live, and save or share their creations with others
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, AJAX
for hackathons
Tap, which turns any surface into a touchscreen using piezo sensors and multilateration - Grand Prize winner (LAHacks @ UCLA, 2017)
Arduino Java, C++
Piano Hero (PennApps XV), which makes practicing piano into a game to encourage children to practice more routinely. Piano Hero converts any piano into a Guitar Hero-style game using a projector, a screen, and a camera that tracks which keys are pressed using computer vision
C++, SFML, OpenCV
ScreenHero (HackBCA), a desktop program that allows users to generate screensavers using custom mathetmatical equations
The Arena (DefHacks), a multiplayer online battle-royale top-down game. Players battle for food, water, and weapons to be the last standing in the shrinking map
JavaScript, NodeJS,
goGreen - 2nd place (HackMann II), a website that forms carpools based on similarity of user's commutes
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Forget-Me-Not - 1st place (HackTrin III), software that stimulates and tracks the progress of Alzheimer patients. Software included file saving capabilities for different patients and analysis tools for caretakers
for fun!
Crossword Creator - constructs a crossword puzzle by creating a tree of possible placements for words, attempting solutions and backtracking when stuck until the grid is filled in
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Javascript Neural Net Library - all math for gradient descent programmed manually. I used this network to read handwritten digits from the MNIST dataset
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Chess AI - uses minimax and alpha-beta pruning to play chess against player
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
I also do other projects...
attended Los Angeles Philarmonic Associate Composer's Program
attended Juilliard Pre-College Division Composition Program
attended New York Youth Symphony Composition Program
Special Delivery - original, special effects heavy film made using Adobe After Effects. National Level Gold Medal winner from the Scholastic Arts and Writing awards
Thanks for reading!